Система сигнализации

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Артикул: PH-G1C Smart Alarm System
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Main functions
1.  iOS APP & Android APP operation
2.  English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Russian for optional
3.  Each zone with independent arm functions
4.  With 2 wired zones and 12 wireless zones
5.  With voice reminder when users operate the system
6.  Works with external Microphone & speaker
7.  Each wireless zone can work with unlimited wireless sensors
8.  10 seconds D.I.Y voice record
9.  3 text message alarm number & 3 calls alarm number
10.  Name what you mind for each zone
11.  Inquiry the system status wherever by SMS
12.  With password protection
13.  Wireless Emergency function (24 hours zone)
14.  With Backup rechargeable battery, system is able to keep working for 10 hours even if there is a power is failure.
15.  When GSM signal is weak or there is no signal, it will send SMS or sound the siren to inform users.


1.  GSM network frequency Standard: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
2.  External power failure alarm: Start-time: Less than 1s
3.  Alarm response time: Less than 10s (GSM with normal signal)
4.  Power requirements: AC110V~220V 50Hz or 60Hz
5.  Standby lithium battery: DC8.4V, 700-800mA
6.  Working conditions: Operating temperature: -20 to 60
     Humidity: ≤95%
7.  Wireless frequency: 433MHz/315MHz

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